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After school Spanish Club 


Spanish club provides a fun, interactive environment for both General Education and Dual Language children to learn and become confident fluent speakers. 


What makes our program unique is that our classes are designed to be an engaging, enjoyable experience for your child no matter which program meets your needs. Class format changes weekly and incorporates games, songs, experiences and conversation to ensure kids stay engaged and have fun while learning!  

Classes are held after school for an hour and will be virtual until school resumes in person. 




Open to both General Education & Dual Language students


Any grade


Classes focus on building strong fundamental foundation that will allow kids to become confident Spanish speakers. 



Dual language students suggested

Classes focus on reviewing fundamentals, classroom lessons and boosting confidence to ensure that each child is able to speak comfortably in Spanish. Classes are primarily taught in Spanish. 

Teachers will also assist with Spanish homework. 




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