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Hola Spanish Academy is a family-owned and operated Spanish education company headquartered in Dallas, TX. The company focuses on providing a fun, enriching, and interactive environment for children to learn, strengthen and continue to build on their Spanish education. We build and utilize a custom curriculum that centers around making learning Spanish fun, using songs, games, dance, and other activities. As parents, we’ve witnessed firsthand that when learning is fun, children not only absorb and retain more information but also have the desire to continue learning. 


Our daughter, who expressed a desire to speak Spanish like Dora and her friends, inspired the creation of Hola Spanish Academy. Trying to alleviate another extracurricular activity on the weekend or move our daughter from her beloved preschool program, we searched for a Spanish program that could partner with her current school. To our disappointment, no program existed. After speaking with educators, family and friends we decided to utilize our almost 2 decades of experience in the investment and marketing industries to fill the void. 


In October of 2018, Hola Spanish Academy was born. To date, we have become partners with a number of preschool programs throughout Dallas, Richardson, and Carrolton. Additionally, we offer after-school elementary programs that cater to general education and dual language students. 

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